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We get asked all the time!

How Do I Book With Artists For The Show?


1. Get info on attending artists from our website. Look at their website or instagram. We will also promote every artist here on our instagram and facebook! If you see the kind of work you like you can inquire with them about tattooing you at the show.

Pro tip: Look at their instagram and see how they wish to be contacted! Links to instagram can be found on Artists Pages.

2. Want to see them in person? No problem, at the show walk around and meet artists personally! It’s a great way to see who they are and what they do. Don’t be shy and ask!

Pro tip: If you want a certain style of tattoo make sure the artist your interested in does that style. If you don’t see any of that style your looking for in their portfolio or social media chances are……..😉.

3. There are two visual methods at the show for AVAILABLE artists. The Walk-up board by the main entrance and the Status cards on artists tables. The walk up board has instagram names on it. If the board has an artists name on it they are available to take you on as a client. If the STATUS tent card on their table reads “I have space today” strike up a conversation with them.

Pro tip: If you plan on booking in person or attaining a walk-up, show up early!

4. Plans? You don’t have to plan! Some times theres fun in spontaneous actions! Show up and look around. A lot of the artists have “up for grabs” art on their tables. If you see something you like, ask. It’s often the easiest way to get tattooed because the artists are READY and prepared to do the art displayed.

Pro tip: Do not be shy, ask if the artist has a second to talk and ask away! They want to tattoo you, and communication is key!

See you in July!

Kelowna Curling Club July 19-21 2019

Tattoo Show Hours
Friday 5PM – 11PM Saturday 12PM – 11PM Sunday 12PM – 6PM